There are many reasons for visiting the Brda region – its unique hilly landscape, nesting close to the Alps and just a glance away from the Adriatic. Brda landscape boasts with the most density of vineyards in Slovenia. It is speckled with villages, some clustered like birds’ nests, some elongated and dispersed, with houses spread along the ridges, but all of them surrounded by the greenery of vineyards and orchards with roads, tracks and paths winding among them.

Through the centuries, Rebula has been integrated in the genes of Brda and its people, ‘Brici’. Almost every little hill has its own vineyard, almost every house has an estate, and almost all people here are wine growers and wine makers. We are proud of the tradition that our parents have passed on to us, and we are its guardians and will pass it on to the next generations.